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Spa Massages

Prices do not include 7% N.J. sales tax



Swedish Massage

 Using classic European massage techniques, a full body massage will stimulate circulation, improve skin and muscle tones, relieve tension and soothe tired muscles. A calming and nurturing therapy.
25 min. $50, 50 min. $115, 80 min. $145


Evolution Signature Massage

 Our most sought after five star massage! This full body massage  has all the bells and whistles! Offering all the basics of a full body Swedish massage with additional services such as, a cranial scalp massage, foot and hand massage and use of essential oils.
25 min. $60, 50 min. $125,  80 min. $155

Deep Tissue Massage

 Deep pressure to specific trigger points of the body relieves stress and tension, stimulates energy, and allows the natural flow of oxygen to the blood. This treatment is therapeutic, energizing, as well as relaxing. An intense massage recommended for those who have had a massage before
25 min. $65, 50 min. $145, 80 min. $175



Therapeutic Massage

 Deep Stroking methods with integrated stretching movements specific to your needs. Extremely therapeutic for injuries and for physical therapy rehabilitation.
25 min. $60, 50 min. 125, 80 min. $155



Maternity Massage

 Your body is changing and experiencing unique stresses and strains. Our therapists are trained in maternity massage techniques to relax and relieve the aches and pains experienced by expectant mothers.  This is recommended after the first trimester.
50 min. $145,  80 min. $175



Acupressure Scalp Massage

Fifteen Minute Invigorating Scalp Massage $15

All Major Credit Cards Accepted!
No Gratuity on Credit Card Transactions.
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